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A range of workshops that can be tailored to your organisational and team needs to ensure maximum value.

Employee Experience Design

  • Learn about our employee experience framework and how it can support employee engagement.

  • Show you how to apply our employee experience framework to identify areas of focus within your organisations.

  • Help you understand how to align Employee Experience to support and amplify your business goals.

Employee Engagement

  • Provide management upskilling - what is employee engagement, how to measure it, influence it and deliver positive improvements and business performance.

  • Talk you through action planning - how to interpret survey results, decide what areas to focus on, influence stakeholders to support change.

  • Talk you through an overview of the employee survey process all the way through to defining action plans

  • Discuss the pros and cons of annual employee surveys and pulse surveys.

​Employer Value Proposition and Employer Brand Management

  • Learn how to define, design and communicate your EVP internally and externally.

  • Explore the difference between EVP's and TVP's (tailored value propositions) and define a TVP.

  • Understand how to work with marketing and human resources to communicate your EVP.

  • Learn how to align EVP, employee engagement and internal communications for maximum impact.

Internal Communications

  • Learn to design an internal communications strategy that supports your business strategy and adds value to your business and stakeholders.

  • Learn about content and channel management and effective business partnering as well as utilising digital tools.

  • Learn how to maximise your direct and indirect resources to have the biggest impact in your organisation.

  • Learn how to effectively measure the impact of your communications.

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