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Designing employee experiences that increase engagement, bring your EVP to life and are aligned to customer experiences.

Delivering great experiences inside and out. Ensuring that your employee experience and employee value proposition are designed to increase engagement, support talent attraction and retention as well as support employees to deliver your customer value proposition.


  • Use our employee experience framework to review the numerous employee touch-points within your organisation to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

  • Design employee experiences that bring your EVP to life throughout the employee lifecycle.

  • Test your internal employee experiences match what you advertise through your employer branding.

  • Review specific areas of the employee experience such as onboarding, communications, feedback mechanisms, benefits, recognition programmes, policies and more, which can amplify what makes your organisation great to work for as well as identify opportunities to improve.

  • Help you resolve what is detracting from employee and customer centric experiences.

  • Masterclasses for in-house teams to equip you to deliver continuous, sustainable improvement. 

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Employee Experience Design: Services
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