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Communications play a vital role in connecting your employees to your brand, purpose, vision, values, strategy, customers, business peers, each other and how the organisation demonstrates it values employees. And, great communication is essential during times of change - its what employees say they need most, whether it be good or bad news.


  • Review and feedback on your internal communications landscape and its effectiveness in connecting to your employees.

  • Challenge if you have the right structure and capability to achieve your desired goals.

  • Review of existing and potentially new channels and which will help you achieve your goals.

  • Developing strategic and tactical communications campaigns.

  • Create tone of voice and branding guidelines to help deliver impactful communications.

  • Develop an overall change narrative and key messages for change. 

  • Support with long term communications planning to deliver a regular cadence of communication to ensure change is accepted and adopted.

  • Workshops to build communications competency.

Internal and Change Communications: Service
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